Sunday, September 18, 2011

Recovery from vestibulectomy.

So the moment i got home from the surgery i peed and went to lay down. I was STARVING!!!! i ate baked ziti and ate the whole damn thing. i was talking to my dad on the phone telling him about the surgery and he couldnt believe that i sounded so normal.

DAY 1- So that day the anesthisia wore off and i noticed an EXTREME pressure in my butt. The pain frmo the stitches got realy painful and i cryed alot. I needed to pee every 2 hours and it was really hard for me to get out of bed without putting pressure on that area. someone had to walk me to the bathroom back and forth. I took tiny steps and with each step it hurt alot. Peeing was so hard because it stung soooooo bad. I soon started to pour warm water on me as i peed so it would help the pain. Sleeping was hard even with the meds because i would have to pee so much.

DAY 2- Same thing going on with the peeing alot i think its because i was drinking sooooo much water and juice. ice i noticed kind of hurt me even thought before the surgery it felt so good. It took a day or so to get used to the ice. Still had pressure in my butt and i remember saying wow if i didnt have this butt pain i would be ok! I cryed when my meds wore off because the pain would get worse. Sleeping was difficult and even moving an inch to change positions i would scream "OUCH!!!"

DAY 3- Butt pressure went away! that was a relief. I started the sitz baths. I was told to do them warm but i noticed if i did hot ones it helped me relax more. I didnt poop until the 3rd day and even when i did it was very painful. I was constipated. Straining was very painful. I just sat on the toilet and just waited for it to happen instead of pushing. Pain was still bad and i was taking meds every 4 hours.

Day 4- My birthday! i had a bunch of friends come over which was nice. It really got my mind off of the pain. I actually have a funny story...i was in the bathroom doing a sitz bath and was naked from the waste down when i was finished (im comfortable being naked infront of them) so as im walking out of the  bathroom (I STARTED WALKING BY MYSELF WHICH WAS A BIG STEP!!!!!) they started singing happy birthday to me with a cake and i was naked lol!!!!!!!!! Had alot of fun that night and i remember when i slept i woke up still to pee and my friend had to walk me to the bathroom at 5am and 7am. did alot of sitz baths which soothed and relaxed my muscles. I took my first shower. I was fine and then an hour or so later i noticed SO MUCH STINGING. the soap from my shampoo prob got on that area and wow it hurt alot. I was so upset so i took more meds and rested so much more.

Day 5- Pain was getting lesser and i was so happy to feel that. I noticed that the stinging with peeing was less. One thing that scared me was at one point my stitches felt like they were "protruding out" if that makes any sense. I just had to not strain or put pressure on them. pain meds helped alot. bleeding was minimal. I started walking around my apartment by myself alot more and getting up to get food by myself etc. If i didnt mention this i was using ice all day. I couldnt live without it and it helped with numbing me.

Day 6- GREAT DAY! my friend and sis were with me and i was feeling so confident that i left the house to go out for coffee and went to target! So i walked with my friend and sis holding my arm which alowed me to walk slow. When i got to starbucks (5 min walk) i had a little more pain from the walking. Couldnt sit so went right to target which was downstares. As i was walking around target thats when my pain got worse and i walked soooo slow, i told them i had to go so i took a cab home. Got hom took meds and relaxed. it was so nice to get out of the house though.

Day 7- Felt dry in that area. I noticed when i was laying down and had taken meds that i felt so great. Icing all day and meds. Laying on my back and side all day.

Day 8- pretty  much the same i was feeling better little by little. Sleeping was a little easier because i wasnt peeing every 2 hours anymore. I was able to sleep through the night but not as much as i slept before surgery.

Day 9- So i was so confident that i stoped taking pain meds every 3-4 hours that i only took them when i needed and it took a toll on me. I noticed the stinging with peeing got so bad and i got upset and a friend of mine that has had the surgery told me its because i stoped the meds. When i started the meds again i felt better so im going to take them every 4 hours so that doesnt happen again.

DAY 10- Still had s ing but i need to stop and relax in bed. I only took medicine 2 times today and i need to take some now because im feeling really sore. Thats what i feel now "sore". Im icing so much. Im hoping that tmrow brings a better day and im moving in the right direction!


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  1. O.K., so a lot of posts I have read from people who have had this surgery, have not posted anything past the initial pain and healing part. I have a close friend who is considering this surgery and would like to know if it helped or worked. How have you been since it has been almost a year now?